what I do

I design interfaces which are friendly for humans to use, which have a clear purpose and defined objectives. Prototypes are tested on the desired audience, insights are drawn and designs are iteratively improved.

The user’s content experience should connect with their need every time. Through careful consideration of a person’s needs and contexts of use, I aim to design delightful experiences. A consistent positive experience will unlock massive value for your company.

The centrality of content is often missed.

Beyond functional, reliable and useable, I look at making the users’ experience memorable, pleasurable and meaningful through easy-to-use systems that centre around content.

This site explains some of how I do it.

How I Work

I help clients see how valuable their input is and how it is used in the design process through discovery workshops. Getting buy-in is crucial. I gauge and pique people’s interest in a project. Higher interest equates to better quality input.

I share my enthusiasm by getting people into the same room, sharing findings early and often. I encourage collaborative design – walls strewn with stickies can never be underestimated.

I am a plain language advocate. Pulchritudinous!

I take visual notes linking concepts, thoughts and other factors needing to be captured.

Within UX, I focus on user research and testing, and content strategy. The humbling interaction during usability tests helps focus on the foundation of purpose through content. It allows me to make the maximum impact.

I’ve written about the importance of user research and how it can help with innovation and the design process.

You can read it here.

Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Read the comments on my LinkedIn page.

Jo’s one of the best designers I’ve worked with in my career to-date.

She has an eye for detail and a user-centred focus in her approach to problem solving and design.

As part of a team Jo is productive and encourages a collaborative spirit.

Her sense of humour and wit makes for a great working environment as does her ever-growing selection of tea bags and wild breakfasting food combinations.