Making Marshall’s London Android Phone

Not sure how busy you are but we are looking for a talented UX/UI person to help develop the interface for a new device (think 4.7inch, 720p screen) – will give you an idea of the design heritage. This project might require you to come up to Stockholm for a month or two to work in same office with industrial, technology and creative teams, after that you can work remotely.

At the end of Winter I received an invitation to Stockholm, Sweden to help design a new Android phone. It successfully launched this August. It has been reviewed on The Verge

Its design is thoughtful and understated, and its hardware additions are purposeful.

Designing Standard Bank’s Mobile App

I helped design the new mobile banking app for Standard Bank. I designed for both Android and iOS. I created prototypes for tablet and phone, carefully taking contextual use into consideration. We had a very humbling round of user testing prior to launch of the tablet app which we quickly iterated our designs for.

I have storyboards, sketches, prototypes and war stories from the usability testing lab. I am happy to speak to this project, but will only distribute specific work examples once the functionality is released.

The best part of this project? Seeing my designs go live. The sprint cycles were fast, our deadlines were tight, but stuff is built and then released “in the wild”. It’s awesome.