Presentations and pitches

The trick when working in a pitch team, is to unravel your story, avoid repetition and weave everyone’s work into one narrative.

Example: eCommerce pitch for Makro.


What I did

Rather than break up the flow of the presentation, I ended up speaking more than once, interwoven into where my research supported the thinking, brand context and execution methods of my team.

I wanted to show how a site can support the in-store experience.


I researched the omnichannel experience and put together a narrative explaining to client the importance of thinking of a brand experience which incorporates online and offline seemlessly.

I included a clip from a user test knowing the and hear frustrations a customer experiences first hand.


I mapped out a user’s path-to-purchase journey as an example of how various devices and offline and online steps are used quite fluidly and should be considered when thinking about the full customer experience, how they relate, and where opportunities might lie.


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